Inception of a word-based blog

Time moves endlessly all and beyond our lives. So do words.  The only difference I see is that  I can stop and permanently store nice juicy words in that section of my retentive brain which otherwise is cluttered with lifelong unnecessary trivia! Words that are usually quirky or informal or archaic (but used even now and then) happen to catch my eye.  The more I try to seize them the more they elude me. I am always short of them in my speech and in writing.  It is like holding onto a palm-full of sand only to helplessly see it trickle down between my fingers.

This blog is an attempt to spot and mention the words that I happen to come across while reading or overhearing in my daily life which I have not heard of before or I had ignored them so badly, despite being a voracious reader, that I can’t even faintly recall their existence. A serious attempt to savour these words and build my vocabulary. To go beyond playing vocab games on my phone.


The above image is of the Hindu Goddess of Creativity, Saraswati. I hope to invoke her to aid me in my word building and retaining mission.

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